«Part of me»

I´m tired, but I´m happy I´m not what I was supposed to be.

I´m lonely; I´m the only; I control how this gonna be.

Part of me wants to stay in this city, while another sighs to leave.

Part of me wants you back with this creepy. I repeat, is just part of me.

I´ve run from the phantoms who lived in my room.

We had fun, we ´re done, you almost killed me.

I got strong, and I song to one million girls I was ready to love and forget;

I have sold my soul for a piece of gold and some blonde curly hair in my bed.

And I´m fucked, oh, Am I??? ha ha… Maybe more than ever, I´m free!

How moving, tiny difference, between love in slavery and live.

Now I´m tired, really happy yeah! But it isn´t I ever forgot.

Part of me, dreams with you every day, other part died the day you were gone.




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