Twenty, ten, and over again.

Three only souls into nervous breakdown?

three wise kings that lost their stars.

An alternative sequel of a biblic scene:

Camels for dealers, and cribs for cars.

Twenty ten over twenty ten,

Three great kings surrounded by their friends.

The three who stayed, by the three were left,

three wise kings three kids replaced!

Now, they don´t care, we laugh and dance!

Now again, the kings go ahead!

Looking for three shining stars

Leave the desert for another chance.

Day one after the prince is born,

Are we ready to rise again?

I´m lost in the dessert with two fucking aces,

Take a little look at their faces… and here we go again!

Now they don´t mind the stars we glance,

This has gone further enough.

They don´t care, we laugh and dance!

Three wise kings, take the bull by the horns!

Twenty, ten, and over again.

In the middle of the dessert I found three wise men,

From my withdraw in the east I knew, at least,

This three kings still have their friends.



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